Idle Working Men's Club
23 High Street
West Yorkshire
BD10 8NB

Tel: 01274 613 602


To apply for Membership please contact the Club to request an Application Form via email (see link below) by phone or writing in.

To apply for Honorary Membership send your details and subscription fee to the club.


Joining Fee £1.00 (paid once)
Annual Subscription £8.00 paid yearly before 31st January
Affiliation to the C&I Union is extra if required.
Ladies with full membership are now allowed to hold an affiliation pass.
Honorary Membership £10.00 Available to persons living a distance away from the club, ie. outside Yorkshire and abroad.


Little has changed on the exterior of the clubhouse since 1928. In more recent years an extension was added to the rear of the premises. The interior of the building has seen many changes over the years, the 'Upstairs' part of the club is divided into two rooms, the largest section being the Concert Room where, on Saturdays and Sunday evenings, 'Live' entertainment is provided for members, affiliated members and visitors. The smaller of the two rooms is the lounge where quiet conversation and a relaxed atmosphere is enjoyed.